An Image of a Rope Access Engineer offshore on an oil rig

Rope Access Work Scopes offered but not limited to:

  • Crane Inspections including Pedestal, Overhead and Gantry Systems.
  • Inspection and test of runway beams at height and in lift installations shafts.
  • Proof load test, inspection, MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) and certification of structures.
  • Rigging and Lifting work scopes.
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections at Height.
  • Lift boat davit Inspections.
  • Flare Boom Installation, Testing and Inspection

Predominantly providing Rope Access services to the

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Rigs
  • Offshore Wind Farms (and land based) 
  • Construction Industries
  • Shipyards
  • Gas plants

Benefits of Rope Access:

  • Cost effective and offers greater flexibility for rescheduling / planning.
  • All Rope Access Sites are Safely controlled by our experienced IRATA Level 3 Supervisors.
  • Reduced man hours at height when using Rope Access over traditional access methods.
  • Rigging of Rope Access equipment completed rapidly to ensure minimal disruption.
  • Minimises disruption to other work areas with all required controls in place.
  • Work areas at height can be gained easily and safely using Rope Access.
  • Use of Rope Access can further reduce time, cost and disruption where plant or machinery needs to be isolated.

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