Hydraulic (Lifting) Tools

Working with 700bar is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, always keep these ground rules in mind when working with high-pressure hydraulics: 

Basic knowledge of Holmatro hydraulic tools;


Recommended total cylinder capacity

In connection with various uncertanties, we always recommend a system with sufficient extra capacity: 

  • The exact weight of the total load
  • The spreading of the load among the cylinders 
  • Possible moving of the load in case of calamities   


(F)orce of a cylinder = P X A

The force (capacity) generated by a cylinder is equal to the hydraulic pressure (P) multiplied by the effective pressure area (A) of the plunger. ​ 

Minimum effective tank volume of pump = 

(oil volume of cylinder 1 + 2 + ....) x 1,2 (20%) ​ 

Required operating speed = ​ 

(oil volume of cylinders 1 + 2) ÷ pump output  


Correct & periodic maintenance can prevent unnecessary damages, costs, and unsafe situations.  ​  


To make sure you are working safe with high-pressure hydraulics, have your tools regularly tested & serviced: ​  

  • At least once a year ​  
  • With use of dynamic testing ​ 

Holmatro’ s years of experience has learned there is only one correct way to determine if a hydraulic system is safe to use: dynamic testing. With dynamic testing, a max use situation of the cylinder is simulated  in a controlled environment. By doing so, hidden defects will be identified sooner, ensuring the reliability, safety  & lifespan of your tools.  ​  

  • Specially for high pressure hydraulics > 500 bar ​  
  • 105% over pressure ​  


Which items in your hydraulic system require periodic maintenance, in order to work safe? ​  

Hydraulic pump-unit: the motor of your system; regulates the oil flow & working pressure in the system. To maintain safety in the hydraulic system, a pressure relief valve is indispensable. ​  

  • Hose: transport of oils from the hydraulic pump unit to the cylinder(s) ​  
  • Cylinder: your hydraulic tool to lift high tonnage, with a small surface ​  

The whole hydraulic system functions under high pressure (> 500 bar). The system components may bare both visible and invisible malfunctions. Therefore, Holmatro believes in dynamic testing. Feel free to contact us for more info! ​  

Want to learn more about working safely with hydraulics? 

Unprofessional use of high-pressure hydraulic tools occurs on a regular basis. Our safety  ​sheets list all the dos and don’ts for working with hydraulic lifting tools in a straightforward and conveniently  ​organized manner. These are indispensable in every workplace where hydraulic tools are used.​  


Working with 720 bar (10.400 Psi) is not to be taken lightly. Aided by the Holmatro Test team risks of working with high-pressure hydraulics are demonstrated and explained in an easy, recognizable way.  ​  

A Toolbox Meeting is a periodic meeting intended to improve daily safety at work based on a specific  ​topic. We offer various Toolbox Meetings for our lifting solutions, including the Holmatro high-pressure hydraulics. We help you understand the risks related to high-pressure hydraulics, with on- and offline tools. Not only to help keep your employees safe, but also meet your legal obligations. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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