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Rigger Kit

The heavy-duty use rigger kit.  With a full comfortable full-body harness allowing you to work at ease suspended at height.  This kit will allow you to move safely to a position of height and work there.  There are many design specifications which make it ideal for the task, for example, the rings which allow you to hook your essential working tools to for at hand access.

The harness comes with a large back and waste pad.  front and rear attachments to your anchor point so that you can work undisturbed and focus on the job at hand.

You also get the twin hooked lanyard with huge lightweight hooks to allow you to quickly attach to a safe point constantly.  Plus many items which make your job easier such as a work at height helmet, glasses, suspension relief straps and a work bag to keep these tools of the trade safe and protected when not in use.  Look at the full list below or contact our team for more info.

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