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Lifting Equipment Management and Inspection System (LEMIS)

Certex offer a total package for the hire and management of Fixed and Loose Lifting Gear so that clients can concentrate on their core business. Based on standard and optional service features it provides full compliance with Health and Safety legislation and major cost savings through better utilisation of Lifting Equipment and overhead savings.

Certex have provided rigging lofts and associated Management Systems for over 10 years to offshore platforms and major industrial companies. With over 72,000 items of Lifting Gear available within the contract hire system you can be sure that Certex are the leading company providing such a total package.

Legislative Background

The Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) puts the responsibility for safe use and the control of Lifting Equipment onto the Purchaser. It includes a requirement for the following:

Accessories, Man Riding - 6 monthly intervals All other Equipment - 12 months or in accordance with a written examination scheme.

     Lifting Equipment in a storage container


Standard Features of LEMIS

  • Certex supports in the responsibility for a clients lifting equipment within current legislation.
  • Equipment is recorded and controlled on the Certmax+ Certification system ensuring total traceability.
  • All items in use are fully tested, certified and colour coded. 

Optional Features of LEMIS

  • Purchase of a client's existing gear including spares.
  • Provision of on-site rigging lofts either manned or unmanned which are provided on a contract hire basis.
  • Management of those items defined as fixed or specialised plant.
  • Leasing of client's facility. 

and many more...

Benefits of LEMIS

  • Improved safety
  • Enable full legal comliance with legislation 
  • Significantly reduce management time 
  • Reduce costs by at least 10-15% in the first year 
  • Free staff to focus on core activity
  • Increased technical support
  • Positive cash flow from sale of equipment and ease of premises

and many more... 


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