CERTEX supplies high integrity wire rope assemblies for heavy duty hot metal cranes and a complete range of lifting products and services. This is done from our world class warehouse and manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire and through specialist units throughout Great Britain.
Major products and services supplied include:

  • Supply of high performance crane ropes for hot metal cranes, ore un-loaders, skip hoists and general handling cranes.
  • A complete range of lifting hardware including shackles, eyebolts, rigging screws and hooks
  • Lifting clamps
  • Lifting magnets
  • Crane hooks and sheaves
  • Slings including wire rope, chain and textiles
  • Chain hoists
  • Electric chain hoists and trolleys from world leading manufacturers
  • Chain blocks and lever hoists from world leading manufacturers
  • Lifting jacks (including hydraulic)
  • Fall arrest equipment
  • Wire rope installation
  • Wire rope, lifting equipment and fall arrest training
  • Certification management
  • Electric hoists and winches


Our services to this established market are underpinned by a proven expertise in delivering innovative solutions and reduce life time costs to deliver real savings.


Certex has been active for more than 50 years in the steel industry, whether it is for the supply of Steelworks crane ropes, lifting gear, rope changes or lifting equipment inspection.  Certex has the competency and expertise to assure the safety of lifting operations.  With facilities throughout 45 locations across Europe, Certex have the resources to meet the needs of this established market.  Our production staff, sales and service teams have the competency to provide the best solution to ensure that steel mills and stock holders have the equipment and support required.


Services cover a wide range of functions from consultancy and advice on complying with UK legislation to statutory inspection service for all lifting equipment, fall arrest equipment and wire ropes.

Our services include:

• Contract hire and management systems
• Wire rope and lifting equipment training
• Wire rope installation and change outs