Recreational Products

Certex UK has a specialist unit supplying fibre, steel and combination rope assemblies for all types of playground, park and recreational use.  This has been established for more than 20 years and supplies some of the leading playground retailers in the UK.  Certex has developed one of the largest supply chains in Europe with a network of sales, service and training facilities in over 13 European countries.

Products created including but not limited to:

An image of a child's playground A display of a rope net on a child's playgroundA rope net climbing wall made with steel wire rope and textile to be a combination rope, showing some people climbing up with height safety harnesses and laynards

Climbing Nets
Tunnel Nets
Suspension Bridges
Custom Playground and net rope designs
Single Ropes
Rope Ladders
Foot ropes
Swing handles
Seated Swings
Combination ropes with different fittings


Repairs and Replacement

An old red combination rope lattice in three by three wires connected to form squares with the Certex logo in the bottom left corner and the word Before in the top rightA new bright red combination rope net in three by three wires with the word after replacement in the top left corner and the word Certex as a logo in the bottom right

We can see in the above example the before and after of a combination rope that has required replacement in it's entirety.  We can create unique pieces to fit your bespoke equipment even where there is are no original replacement parts.

You can either: 

  • send items for to us for repair or replacement (to match sizing and materials used). 
  • we can inspect your current recreational grounds and advise on which parts require refurbishment/replacement.


If you have recently installed a new playground or have an existing playground which requires inspection we can inspect and advise on any changes. We have a dedicated team who can inspect new and existing recreation/playground equipment.  Our qualified experts are certfied and acheived with both OFQUAL- The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation and RosPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.  Further they also have LEEA - Lifting Equipment Engineers Association qualifications.

Fibre, Steel and Combination Rope

  • Off the shelf availability
  • Next day delivery available
  • Quality Assured
  • Competitive prices

Certex offer a product range of high performance ropes and accessories including but not limited to:

some links of a steel chaina picture of two stainless steel shackles placed on top of one another in silver with a Certex logo in the bottom right corner in blue and redA close up image of a steel wire and fibre out ropeA image of a red, blue, yellow, green and black steel wire rope combined in fibre rope

Combination rope
Fibre rope including natural varieties (manila and sisal) and poly-hemp
Wire rope
Playground fittings 
Playground spares
Zip wire
Zip wire accessories

All available in a wide selection of sizes (diameters and lengths), colours and fittings.