Fall Arrest Blocstop™ BSA

An additional safety system in accordance with EN 1808 is mandatory in man riding applications. The system is used to secure the work basket or platform against falling.

That is precisely what our Blocstop does. They are small, light and compact and attached to the working platform where the safety rope runs through it.

BSA – Blocstop for the detection of inclination of the platform or slack of wire rope:

In contrast to the BSO, the BSA‘s clamping jaws are not triggered by excessive speed but rather by monitoring the suspension rope. The BSA is held open by a lever which is supported on the suspension rope by a roller. If the suspension rope breaks then this support stops and the BSA closes.

In precisely the same way as the BSO, the clamping jaws clamp the safety rope and prevent the load or the platform from falling.

On platforms with two suspension points, arranging the suspension and safety ropes in parallel enables the system to monitor the tilt of the platform. If one side of the platform descends then the BSA closes on the lower side, catching the platform before the tilt reaches a critical angle.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 1808


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