Quick Release Link for Pear Socket Nemag

The Nemag Quick Release Link has been balanced and perfected to become the most reliable, quickest and safest coupling method for ropes and chains. The contact surface of the C-section has been hardened, which considerably lengthens the life span. The construction of the locking piece ensures reliable functioning; even under severe circumstances. The locking pieces are interchangeable.

Optional: Nemag also supplies a key especially designed for the Quick Release Link. This key has a hexagonal head that fits into the keyhole of the locking piece. The horizontal handle provides sufficient grip to be able to open or close any locking piece with one short movement. The sharp end of the handel can be used to remove dirt on the outside (of the keyhole).

  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 1677-1
  • Warning: The working load is the recommended maximum load for grabbing operations when Quick Release Links and Rope Pear Sockets are passing over a special cable sheave. For other applications a safety factor in line with official international and national guidelines has to be adhered to.


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