End stops for crane rope applications.

Features: These end stops are designed for full load applications of rotation resistant and low rotation ropes. The chamfered surface around the cylinder matches different fitting devices. The bore of the end stop is slightly conical to distribute the stress over a larger area.
The exact diameter and length of the end stop assembly should be confirmed when an order is placed to ensure a good match between stop and device.
The end stop is specifically manufactured for rotation resistant and low rotational ropes with a fill factor between 0.61 and 0.76 for other rope types please contact Certex.

  • Material: Mild carbon steel.
  • Marking: ID code and Manufacturer's symbol.
  • Finish: Ungalvanised.
  • Safety factor: 5:1
Crane End Stop
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Part Code Diameter
Finish dia.
Finish length
04B0990 13 30 90
04B1000 15 30 90
04B1010 17 36 108
04B1020 19 44 126
04B1030 21 44 126
04B1040 23 52 144