• Not for lifting

Round ferrule (R) is intended to be pressed on single round strand wire ropes, for instance on preventer wires or used as end stop. 

The expected strength regarding this end-termination is approximately 50% of the MBL of the wire rope (informative only).

Round aluminium end stops are not recommended for use in high strength applications.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Note: Diameter is after pressing. See the manufacturer's product data sheet below for guidance on dimension selection.
  • Warning: Ends stops (R) are not allowed to use for lifting applications.
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Part Code Ferrule size
10.01R015 1.5
10.01R02 2
10.01R03 3
10.01R04 4
10.01R05 5
10.01R06 6
10.01R065 6.5
10.01R07 7
10.01R08 8
10.01R09 9
10.01R10 10
10.01R11 11
10.01R12 12
10.01R13 13
10.01R14 14
10.01R16 16
10.01R18 18
10.01R20 20
10.01R22 22
10.01R24 24
10.01R26 26
10.01R28 28
10.01R30 30
10.01R32 32
Diameter is after pressing, see instruction.

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