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Certex (UK) Turbine Solution Boost Handling Safety

In what is still a relatively young industry, design innovation is high, meaning changes in turbine specifications are common. As manufacturers reach new heights they are also producing larger and heavier components.

Following a request from a prominent UK manufacturer (CS Wind), a new lifting hook was designed to be used in conjunction with high capacity reach stackers. The hooks are integral in the lifting of wind turbines towers, adding security and safety, whilst allowing manufacturers and installers to utilise existing materials handling equipment.

The 150-tonne J-Hooks have an indefinite lifespan, if inspections and maintenance are frequently carried out. Certex Renewables Product Manager, Joel Pollard explains how the international locations of Certex and its sister companies worked in collaboration on the project. Said Joel: “The J-Hook was manufactured by our colleagues in Denmark, and was tested at our sister company, Peter Harbo. We obviously have a lot of expertise in-house, and our connection to the Scandinavian alternative energy sector helps enormously.”

For maximum safety, the 150,000kg J-Hooks were tested in a 1,200-tonne test bench. The special design of the bench enables pull tests of items up to 900 tonnes and is equipped with precise sensors that will reveal any elongation. With the current growth in alternative energy, and a number of prominent investments in wind farm technology, expertise in lifting, installing and inspecting is on the rise in the UK. With help from Joel and Certex (UK), the new J-Hooks are now also being considered for use by related businesses in Germany.

Joel continues: “We are extremely proud to be offering lifting products specifically for the renewables market. With the expertise to design bespoke solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, we are confident our products can help towards the world’s renewable energy goals.”

Certex offers comprehensive solutions within lifting, steel wire ropes and related services. Our solutions are found throughout the UK; at construction sites, on cranes, in steel making as well as within the energy- and manufacturing industries.In addition to world class brands of lifting and suspending equipment, we manufacture high specification lifting products at our specialist facilities in Scotland and England. We also offer testing solutions, inspections and certification, technical support, training and maintenance.Founded in 1986, Certex today has annual sales of GBP 14 million and 125 employees at five locations in the UK. Together with our sister companies throughout Europe, we are part of Axel Johnson International Lifting Solutions.

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