Certex UK Supports Military into Offshore Wind Programme

Certex Renewables Division welcome two Royal Air Force Engineers to their inspection team following an intensive four-week training programme. In partnership with East Coast College and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), Calum and Zak completed their package of entry level wind courses, followed by a suite of Certex technical training courses in readiness for their careers in wind.

Ian Shaw, Divisional Manager Engineering Services, said:

“After attending an East Wind Cluster forum at Lowestoft College in summer 2022 we were presented the concept of employing ex forces candidates that we could hand select in advance and put forward for the entry level GWO training.

With the continually expanding global wind industry the demand on introducing new entrants to the business is stronger than ever and recruiting high calibre ex-military engineers is an ideal way to ensure we play our part in growing the pool of skilled workers in the UK. We look forward to further building our relationships with the ex-military agencies and introducing many more people to a career in wind.

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a mentorship programme and will be encouraging our customer base to sign up to help us to continue to develop the future workforce”.

Following their entry level training, Zak and Calum are in the process of completing our route to career training programme fully delivered by Certex which includes:

  • Full GWO safety training package
  • Lifting Equipment Examiners
  • Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment Examiners
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Wind Turbine Service Lift Examiners
  • Goracon Service Lift User, Installation & Maintenance
  • Crane Wire Rope Examiners
  • Davit Crane Examination & Maintenance
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment Examiners
  • Nacelle Crane Examination & Maintenance
  • Pressure System Examination & Testing
  • Substation Pedestal Crane Examiners

The full suite of courses are available individually or part of a complete training programme, contact gytraining@certex.co.uk for further information.