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Certex UK makes an agreement to offer the most advanced steel wire rope inspections

Certex UK makes an agreement to offer the most advanced steel wire rope inspections, ensuring customers stay safe and are cost-effective in steel wire rope replacement

In late 2018, the Italian company AMC Instruments became part of the Lifting Solutions Group, and a sister company to Certex UK.

AMC offers devices which attaches to a rope while in use and can monitor the health of the steel wire rope remotely.  This system is ideal for crane rope and elevator rope and can even be included in harsh environments, such as offshore applications.

As the device is internet enabled, monitoring can take place at anytime and anywhere.

This will assist customers in knowing when a rope is no longer fit for use and in doing so allows steel wire rope to remain in use closer to the point of discard.  This removes rudimentary estimates of the ropes working life.


Further, all devices conform to the stated method of inspection of ISO 4309:2017 (…Wire Ropes, Care and maintenance, inspection and discard) using magneto inductive waves.  Measuring broken wires, diameter reduction and more.


An agreement has been made between AMC Instruments and Certex UK to distribute the solution throughout the UK.

Watch a video of one of the devices in action here:

For more information on how we can offer the safest solution on the market for NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) of steel wire rope, contact us


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