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Certex (UK) becomes official stockist for Extreema® Dyneema® Slings

“The UK’s lifting industry latches on to new innovations relatively slowly which I think stems from a reluctance to change from traditional methods, thus it’s important that we provide the future of lifting to our customers in education as well as products.  Since our introduction of the Extreema® Dyneema® Slings we have seen an influx of enquires for example from our ports customers due to the cut resistance which means it’s much more durable than the main stream polyester slings.”  Said Ben Newman, Technical Sales Adviser, Certex UK

“This high-strength synthetic fibre is incredible, on a single strand of a hairs width you could potentially carry the average adult, it has many amazing properties like for like up against steel.  It is 15 times stronger yet is easier to handle, lightweight and incredibly durable to the point its used in the military due to its puncture resistance. ”

Dyneema® was invented in 1963 by Albert Pennings and only came into large scale commercial use in the 90’s yet still 30 years on there is still a huge potential for market growth of this product in the UK.

“Our sister company in Mennens in the Netherlands, has extensive expertise in this product.  We are lucky to be part of a larger organisation which allows us to learn from our sister companies throughout Europe and transfer theses skill and lifting knowhow to the UK.” Said Jim Donelan, Renewables Division Manager

With a trained sales specialist posted at key locations throughout the UK, we have expertise on hand to help introduce this product to our customers, in industrial heavy lifting this is not the alternative but the successor of current polyester and other synthetic textile slings. 

Certex offers comprehensive solutions within lifting, steel wire ropes and related services. Our solutions are found throughout the UK; at construction sites, on cranes, in steel making as well as within the energy- and manufacturing industries.In addition to world class brands of lifting and suspending equipment, we manufacture high specification lifting products at our specialist facilities in Scotland and England. We also offer testing solutions, inspections and certification, technical support, training and maintenance.Founded in 1986, Certex today has annual sales of GBP 14 million and 125 employees at five locations in the UK. Together with our sister companies throughout Europe, we are part of Axel Johnson International Lifting Solutions.

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