General: The KITO LX Series is a range of small lever hoists that is suitable for operations in limited space. The lever hoist has a freewheel safeguard and the bottom hook is riveted in four places. Its solid aluminium housing enables a low weight of the hoist. The load can be lifted or lowered in 2 mm steps due to its smooth gear mechanism.

  • Material: High impact aluminium housing, nickel-plated load chain in grade 10.
  • Marking: Type plate with WLL, CE-marking and serial number.
  • Finish: Surface treated aluminium.
  • Safety factor: 4:1.
Belt bag LX003
Kito LX drawing
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Part Code Code WLL
s (mm) Hand pull to lift full load daN Load chain Ø (mm) Chain fall A
B (mm) C (mm) D
e (mm) g (mm) t (mm) Weight
06B0310 LX003 0.25 32,0 20 3,2 x 9,0 1,5 90,5 73,5 205 150 62 21,0 11 1.7
06B0320 LX005 0.5 35,5 31 4,3 x 12,0 1,5 102,0 93,0 246 180 68 24,5 12 2.7
* Weight with standard lift (1,5 m)
The last 2 digits in the Art No indicates the lifting height.