Aluminum Chain Block POWERTEX PACB-S1OLP

  • The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Cr6+ Free

Extremely small and lightweight aluminum chain block. It weighs only approximately 50% of a similar standard chain block. The block can be used for lifting as well as pulling. The hoists are factory equipped with overload protection device (OLP), which limits the maximum operating force that can be applied using the hand chain.


  • Safe - Each block is dynamic proof load tested 1,5 x WLL before leaving the factor
  • Compact, lightweight construction with aluminum covers
  • Durable construction with powder coated finish and plated frame parts
  • Chain block is chromium 6 free
  • Sealed bearings on the chain wheel maximize efficiency and serviceability.
  • Sprocket wheel surface treated against wear and corrosion
  • Safe and well covered automatic load reaction break
  • Equipped with double brake pawls
  • Fine calibrated European made load chain for smooth operation
  • Swivel hooks at both ends makes in line positioning easy
  • Hooks are designed to open at overload instead of breaking
  • Hooks fitted with heavy duty steel safety latches
  • Hook have Deformation Check Dots forged into side for overload detection
  • RFID equipped (chip) for easy service and inspection
  • QR code for on-site access to Multilanguage user manuals
  • Test certificate and Declaration of Conformity enclosed with each hoist
  • 14 language User Manual enclosed with each hoist
  • Spare parts available
  • Material: Durable aluminium/steel construction
  • Marking: According to standard, POWERTEX, Model, WLL, Chain type , Serial number, User manual/QR code
  • Temperature range: -10°C up to +50°C
  • Finish: White powder coated body, side plate assembly and hooks black powder coated
  • Standard: EN 13157, EN 818-7
  • Safety factor: 4:1


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