YII Series lever hoists are extremely versatile, suitable for lifting and pulling in many applications.
A solid and compact design with special rust-resistant coating performs in extreme environments such as the offshore and mining industries. Extremely lightweight [9.5kg (1.6 Tonne)] The gears are completely enclosed and make the hoist highly reliable and durable meaning lower maintenance costs. One-touch change lever further improves work efficiency. Tough black body resists scratches and prevents rust. Waterproof, shock resistant gear and brake cover. The bolted rubber grip ensures safe operation of the lever hoist.

  • Material: Chain and hook, alloy steel grade 10.
  • Marking: WLL, code and CE marking.
  • Finish: Painted.
  • Safety factor: 5:1
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Part Code Code WLL
Lifting height
Min Headroom
Hook Opening
Lever length
Load chain Ø
Number of falls Weight
-- YII-15 0,15 1 195 13 160 3 1 0,9
06B0130 YII-160 1,6 1,5 350 29 385 7,2 1 9,5
06B0150 YII-320 3,2 1,5 420 36 385 9,0 1 15,5
06B0160 YII-640 6,3 1,5 570 45 385 9,0 2 26,5
*Other range of lift-height available upon request.