Lifting Magnet - Walker Lifting Magnet Accessory

Very convenient for loading and unloading of horizontal machine centres and lathes
Magnet is adjustable to suit a range of diameters and widths
Lifting arm can be retrofitted to existing NEO magnets
The advantages of magnetic handling
Considerable savings in time and money
One man operation
More effective use of floor space
No workpiece damage
Improved labour conditions
Lift magnet programme
Permanent and electro-permanent lift magnets standard up to 5000kg capacity for flat material
Battery lift magnets up to 5000kg capacity for flat and 2200kg for round material
Electro (mains powered) lifting magnets for plate, rounds, structurals and bundles

  • Features: Magnet provided with lifting arm for turning workpieces through 90°
  • Safety factor: 4:1


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