Electric Wire Rope Hoist Tirak™

Electric hoist for material lifting and pulling.
Proven technology in numerous applications.
The models of our Tirak™ X-type traction hoist are lighter and can therefore ideally be used when a low weight for the application is essential. The X models have only a single drive disc. The grip of the wire rope on the pulley is obtained by springloaded pressure rollers.

The advantage of the T type models is their ability to pull into both directions. The hoists of the T-series have two clamping wheels. The wire rope travels around the two pulleys along an „S“-path.

Technical details Tirak X- and T-type hoists for material handling:

Our Tirak models are available in following wire rope speed versions:
for X 300 to X 1530 (depending on model):
4,5 m/min, 9 m/min, 18 m/min, 4,5/9 m/min, 4,5/18 m/min, 9/18 m/min for X 3050 P:
6 m/min, 12 m/min, 6/12 m/min

  • Unlimited height of lift; the wire rope is not stored in the machine.
  • Compared to its capacity (up to 3.000 kg), the Tirak is very easy to handle and extremely compact, and may be simply moved from site to site.
  • Centrifugal brake for controlled descent in case of powerfailure.
  • Pendant control with up/down and emergency stop.
  • Cable length 3 m.
  • They can move loads to-and-from.
  • Extremely reliable: Less maintenance, higher productivity and better efficiency.
  • Compact design: Easy installation and incorporation in your specific application.
  • Light weight: This maximizes the usable workload for better efficiency.
  • Stability: Constant lifting torque and speed, independent from lifting height.
  • Flexibility: Power supply in your required voltage, or also air powered possible.
  • Note: Excl. wire (to be ordered separately).


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