Anchorage Point PSA-YEP

  • The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Rotates through 360° adjustable in the direction of the load.
  • Load rated parts are 100% magnaflux crack detected.
  • Individual forged parts and cap screw are traceable to Test Certification.
  • Passed 150 kg dynamic fall testing ( EU standard is 100 kg).
  • Meets all requirements of the German BG BAU ( Employer ́s insurance association of the building industry).
  • Correspond to the European Directive for “personnel protection equipment” (89/686/EWG).
  • PSA - Lifting point to be as an anchor point for personal protective equipment.
  • Features: Built-in RFID/NFC chip
  • Material: Manufactured from forged alloy steel, quenched and tempered
  • Marking: According to standard, number of persons, standards, individual serial number, manufacturer, production year, product ID
  • Finish: Yellow Painted
  • Standard: EN 795, EN 365, EN 50308


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