Hand Pump PA H 2

The Hand Pump PA H 2 series from Holmatro, single acting, 2 stage, hand pumps.

Unique specifications:

  • Ergonomic design
    • Lightweight; easy to carry and operate
    • Low operating force required; minimal user effort
    • Soft-grip handles; more comfort and grip 
    • Anti-slip rubber underneath 
    • Pump handle lock; easy and safe to carry
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly; technical parts are easy to access and replace without removing the tank
  • High oil output; quicker action both in the first and second stage
  • Accurately adjustable pressure release valve; loads can be lowered safely and with extreme control 
  • Pressure gauge connection on the pump block; the pressure gauge can be directly mounted on the pump at an angle of 45 degrees, making it easily readable 
  • Oil level glass in the tank; easily check the oil level in both horizontal and vertical position 
  • Integrated filler funnel; top up oil easily and quickly without extra accessories 
  • Push & Unlock pump handle lock; unlocking is quick and easy with one brief push on the pump handle

The Holmatro Test-team tested the Holmatro hand pumps. Throwing, sand, water and extreme heat; nothing was left to chance

Additional information:

To have a safe and controlled system, assemble your PA handpump with advised components:

  • Option A: pressure gauge set (art. No 100.182, 100.214 or 100.182.215) + hose mounted directly on the pump
  • Option B: pressure gauge set (art. No 100.182, 100.214 or 100.182.215) + VL hose + + nipple (art. No. 150.581.218) male coupler A119 (art. No. 100.181.119)
  • System components for full functioning system

Why add a pressure gauge?

  • To measure the pressure in the system and for safety reasons.

Why use a VL hose instead of a standard hose?

  • Easier to storage and cleanL benefits lifespan
  • Multi-functional for future use

Also available:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Other hydraulic pump units to control the cylinder(s)
  • Hydraulic hoses 700bar
  • System components to complete your hydraulic system
  • Features: Ergonomic design.


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