Tractel are a manufacturer of Lifting, digital load measurement, Height safety and access equipment. Tractel was founded in the 1940’s with the revolutionary Tirfor winch which dramatically improved mechanical advantage, safety and ease of use. With manufacturing sites in France, Germany, the USA and China; Tractel has a truly global reach. Through our partnership with Tractel, Certex can service the needs of a wide range of industries from construction, wind energy, utilities, government and military, elevators, and manufacturing. Tractel offers a wide range of quality products which it designs, manufacturers, distributes and services. Tractel controls the products throughout their lifecycle and offers unrivalled support and after sales care. It is not unusual for Tractel to service a Tirfor winch that is over 30 years old. Tractel continue to innovate through the launch of the High Capacity Range. Tractel are the only manufacturer to offer a range of height safety products certified to 150kg (user weight, equipment + tools) using European EN standards. This ensures that the user is not exposed to forces greater than 6kN in the event of a fall. They are also the only manufacturer to offer an unlimited lifespan on products (subject to inspection) meaning products no longer have to be removed from service based on age alone. View Tractels new height safety Video:

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