Web Lashing POWERTEX Trucker r-PET

  • Not for lifting
  • Cr6+ Free

Made from recycled polyester r-PET   LEEA logo

The POWERTEX Trucker r-PET lashing is a 2-part lashing and used for professional haulers.

The lashing is made from recycled high-strength polyester (r-PET) yarn, Cr6 free steel ratchets and hooks. Because the webbing is made from r-PET yarn, this product has a 42% CO2 reduction* compared to the standard Trucker Lashing.

This lashing is part of Lifting Solution Group's Aspire range™. In November 2023, this product won the prestigious LEEA Sustainable Award.

Suitable for professional transporters looking for extra high strength and durability in a web lashing.

  • Strong and durable with LC 2500 daN and STF 350 daN
  • Webbing has min. breaking strength of 7500 daN
  • Blue webbing with 2500 daN print for easy identification
  • Both the long part and short part carry blue identification labels
  • Label gives information on STF and lashing capacity for different lashing connections
  • Each part is marked with a unique serial number for safe equipment registration
  • The blue information label is protected by an layer of transparent plastic for long life
  • Year/Month calendar printed on the label where latest inspection date can be marked or punched
  • All lashings carry a white label with important warning instructions and user instruction pictogram, and information about the Aspire Range™
  • Each lashing is marked with QR code to access the full user manual
  • Cr6 free galvanization – better for health and environment
  • Trucker can be supplied with other lengths and other end fittings on request.

Safety factor: Webbing min. 3, rachets min. 2 and hooks min. 2

*A 3rd party climate LCA with a cradle-to-gate perspective according to ISO14067 has shown that our r-PET web lashings have 42% fewer CO2e emissions than our standard product. This means that our products are not only better for the environment but also make a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Material: 100% polyester (PES) high tenacity multifilament made from r-PET (recycled PET), and Steel.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +120°C
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Warning: Protect the lashings from sharp edges


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