Spreader Beams - Modular

Modulift Spreader Systems are a cost-effective and flexible option for lifting objects where there is a possibility of crushing the load.
The modular concept is based on the assembly of a pair of end units, which provide the connection between the top and the bottom slings, and a combination of struts of different length bolted between the end units to achieve variable length capability. In use, the bolts do not carry any of the lifting forces but simply connect the assembly together while the geometry of the system does the work.

The Modulift Spreader System enables slings to connect to large and bulky objects in a vertical attitude. Built using a unique
engineering formula, the spreaders are designed using their lightweight structure to resist the compression forces of the lifting arrangement. The design utilises one of the most basic structural engineering elements, that of a pin-ended strut.

The shackles, which connect the top slings to the spreader, provide the pin and give flexibility to the geometry of the slings which prevents bending forces being generated by the lifting process and transmitted into the object being lifted.
Modulift Spreaders are optimised for weight at every size. The unique capabilities of the Modular system add to it’s benefits through easier and more manoeuvrable ground handling, easy build and storage capabilities and with a range of components to make up the spreader, gives it a multi-use feature and a costeffective solution over a range of lifts.

The Modulift range comprises 16 systems, which provide lifting capacity for weights between 2 – 3000 tonnes and lengths
from 0.2m to 45m. The system is used for the smallest maintenance work to the largest lifting jobs in many industry sectors
including construction, maritime, offshore, oil & gas, industrial and aerospace industries. All utilise the modular system
to enable the lifting of various loads, without the need to buy or rent new spreader beams for every different job.

With safety being of paramount importance, lifting equipment is strictly regulated to meet with all safety and design regulations and each each Modulift series has been proof load tested to 1.25 x SWL (Safe Working Load) at both maximum SWL and
maximum span. As well as testing in Modulift's two compression test rigs, testing has also been carried out "live" using dead weights. Modulift offer Proof Load Testing of spreaders in our custom designed Compression test rigs. Any Modulift spreader can be tested to customer requirements. The normal Proof load test is WLL (Working Load Limit) which is SWL x 1.25.

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