Post By: Leah Wragg

Upcoming Training Course Availability 2021

We have a wide range of training courses covering lifting, safety and inspection available at our Harworth Training Centre, Nottinghamshire. Check out our current availablity below:


1 Day LEEA Accredited TR52 Crane Rope Inspection

- Monday 26th July 

- Thursday 5th August

- Monday 6th September

- Monday 4th October

- Monday 8th November

- Thursday 9th December


1/2 Day LEEA Accredited TR52 CCU Container Inspection

- Monday 12th July

- Monday 2nd August


2 Day TR51 Lifting Equipment Examination

- Tuesday 3rd + Wednesday 4th August 

- Tuesday 7th + Wednesday 8th September

- Tuesday 5th + Wednesday 6th October 

- Tuesday 9th + Wednesday 10th November

- Tuesday 7th + Wednesday 8th December


1 Day TR51 Lifting Equipment Examination Refresher

- Thursday 29th July

- Thursday 2nd September

- Thursday 23rd Seotember


2 Day LEEA Accreditated TR16 Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

- Tuesday 13th + Wednesday 14th July


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If you're looking to book an exclusive training course for your team at our Training Centre or your own place of work, get in touch to find out more. Head to our training page here for more details on each course.