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Certex (UK)’s training provides credible jobs

So, tell me about your journey to Certex (UK)?

I have a bit of a varied background, I’m ex-forces, I’ve dotted around, I’ve worked in prisoner transport.  Most recently I worked in machine maintenance.  Servicing production lines, lifting winches, conveyor belts and others, I covered a wide scope.

Then redundancies took place at the plant I worked in, as they moved jobs into central Europe.  It was unfortunate as a lot of investment had gone into our plant, but we simply couldn’t compete with the lower wages and production costs.

Why did you want to work within the renewables industry?

It’s massively up and coming, it’s the way everything’s going, you see places like Italy are phasing out the use of coal, fossil fuels are discouraged, Germanys bang on leading a retreat.  I live in Blyth and there is a wind farm just off the back of it, so I’ve see the process of all of that coming through, my dad works for a company that are actively involved in the wind industry.  So it’s through peoples knowledge and also what I’ve seen, wind is the way it’s going, you could go into solar but wind seems to be taking off tenfold.

Why did you want to be a part of Certex (UK)?

“I’ve worked in the oil and gas industry and I’ve seen Certex all over the place, if you ask about lifting inspections, it’s always the same name that comes up, Certex.   I already decided I wanted to be in inspections and I have been in touch with Certex since October 2017.  I’ve always followed Certex online.  Further, Certex renewables team is a close nit family. Inspections is where I see myself in any case, because it can’t be automated.”

What does your new Job entail?

“I’m a Certex Renewables Inspection Engineer, so it’s making sure that anything that’s safety critical, eyebolts, ladders, fall arrest systems, fire extinguishers, evacuation, kits and cranes are safe so that the wind turbine proprietors can continue business safely.”

What have you learnt specifically during your training at Certex (UK)?

“I’ve learnt not just how, but why we inspect items, I’ve done bits and pieces before, but now I have a much better understanding.  Before I was told I can use certain things, but now I know why, it’s given me a new skill set that I never had.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“I love doing jobs with my hands and being physically involved, I prefer this to sitting behind a desk.  I’m looking forward to working on and offshore.  Working offshore especially as I could be inspecting a 6-7-megawatt turbine, everyone wants to play with the bigger toys!  I’m really looking forward to getting involved and the opportunities its going to give me, I’ll give it 100%, doesn’t matter if it’s the toughest job in the world, I will do what I’m asked for and more.”

Certex (UK) wishes Gregg every success in his future role in the renewables team.

Certex offers comprehensive solutions within lifting, steel wire ropes and related services. Our solutions are found throughout the UK; at construction sites, on cranes, in steel making as well as within the energy- and manufacturing industries.In addition to world class brands of lifting and suspending equipment, we manufacture high specification lifting products at our specialist facilities in Scotland and England. We also offer testing solutions, inspections and certification, technical support, training and maintenance.Founded in 1986, Certex today has annual sales of GBP 14 million and 125 employees at five locations in the UK. Together with our sister companies throughout Europe, we are part of Axel Johnson International Lifting Solutions.

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