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Certex (UK) promotes Natasha Cross to the North Sea Region Sustainability Representative within the Axel Johnson Lifting Solutions Group.

In 2018, Natasha Cross became the Sustainability Representative for Certex (UK), we had a one to one to find out more.


How did your new position in sustainability come about?

Certex (UK)’s owners Axel Johnson International are very heavily involved in the push to make us a more sustainable group of companies. 

I’d like to think I was approached to take on the role of Sustainability Representative as I am highly involved whenever there’s a charity event, I like to play a part if not be leading an event.  
Also as I am the manager of the Order Entry & Processing team in the industrial products division, I love a challenge and problem solving, I will always aim to find a solution. 

Sustainability is something that needs attention, it’s not inherent in our economy, culture or the world at large.  But we need a real step change to get things moving in the right direction, and my aim is to be a part of that movement and bring awareness. 


You recently visited Axel Johnson’s Head Office in Sweden in relation to Sustainability, what was the purpose of this trip? 

Individuals, including certain MDs throughout the group, got together to discuss & present on how they have already made changes to be greener.  One company, for example, has changed their culture from selling new items unnecessarily & offering a repairs system.  


What did you learn from the meeting?

That when we are working on sustainability we can do a lot more than recycle paper.  For example, some changes we can make - LED lighting and solar panels on our buildings which will help save on our carbon footprint and on our costs. 

We have a ‘disposable’ culture that needs significant change for improvement.  Imagine trying to live a day in the modern world without using plastics, from your morning coffee with a splash of milk from the plastic carton, the pen you use throughout the day to the plastic bag you use to collect your evening meal/shop, it would be highly challenging. 
When you see footage showing birds caught up in plastics in the ocean, it really pulls at your heartstrings.

We must find alternatives to how we approach things and the products we use, there is hope out there in many forms.  Students have made a fully working car in which the body is made from the flax plant, a bio-composite material. The likes of Adidas have made a trainer which fabric created from plastics collected from our oceans, people/companies really are starting to get onboard. 

We have hope and belief, we need to start challenging our daily routines and questioning why we do what we do. 


If you have any feedback on how you think we can improve at Certex.  Reach out to me via this link. 






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