Super strength alloy loadchain
Minimum effort to raise maximum load
Fully enclosed gear train
Weather protected automatic Weston brake
Fully machined liftwheel
Cast steel safety latches
Malleable hook forgings
All gears and shafts running on roller bearings
Durable baked enamel paint protection
Spare parts always available
Overload protection as standard

Standard: EN 13157: 2004

Loadsafe Overload Protection
Certex have introduced overload protection for their quality range of lever hoists and chain blocks. When lifting with conventional blocks there is no safeguard incorporated in the design of the chain block for the prevention of overload damage.
Unfortunately it is all too common practise to extend the leverage by adding either a longer pipe to the lever hoist handle or using additional personnel to increase the manual effort on the hand chain when the lifting effort becomes too great.
The Bulldog range has a simple solution that prevents a load being lifted if it is excess of a preset level. Using a special clutch mechanism, this prevents the equipment from being damaged by overloading.
Certex are the pioneers in offering this feature as standard for their range of chain blocks and lever hoists. As the additional cost to the operator will be minimal this offers a full proof safety system in the prevention of damage to the equipment by overloading, thus avoiding expensive repair costs

  • Features: Robust all-steel construction
  • Marking: WLL, code and CE marking.
  • Finish: Durable baked enamel paint protection
  • Safety factor: 4:1
Bulldog Lever
S lever block 3t S lever Block Side S lever Block 5t
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Part Code WLL
Standard lift
Net weight
Test Load
Headroom H
Effort on leave to lift full load
No. of load chain falls Load chain Ø
Length of lever handle
mm A
mm B
mm C
mm E
06B0030 0.75 1.5 m 7 11.03 325 14 1 6 280 148 90 136 30
06B0040 1.5 1.5 m 11 22.05 380 22 1 8 410 172 98 160 35
06B0050 3 1.5 m 21 37.5 480 32 1 10 410 200 115 180 40
06B0060 6 1.5 m 31 75 620 34 2 10 410 200 115 235 50