General: Support grip designed to support the cable weight as it hangs vertical or horizontally. Also ideal for taking the strain of connecters and wall sockets. Design primarily for wind turbine use, designs for other applications available on request.

Warning: Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths. Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied. CERTEX recommends a minimum safety factor of 3:1 for horizontal pulls and 5:1 for overhead pulling. Due to metal fatigue, any Minimum breaking load printed will decrease in value after usage.

  • Material: Stainless steel or galvanised on request.
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    Part Code Code Rope diameter
    Approx breaking load
    -- SGHD-2 10-15 1 040
    -- SGHD-3 15-20 1 315
    -- SGHD-4 20-25 2 080
    -- SGHD-5 25-30 2 475
    -- SGHD-6 30-40 3 575
    Other dimensions available on request.