General: Stocking which can be opened with two impacted eyes for pulling-in of ropes or cables or check of hose. The grip can be placed anywhere along a cable, rope or hose and after that "sewed" together with a rope which are locked with wire rope clips. On request the eyes can be provided with thimble.
Design: Pleated of double wire ropes.

  • Material: Steel wire rope - Galvanized.
  • Note: Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths. Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied. CERTEX recommends a minimum saf
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Art No Code MBL
Grip Ø (mm) L (mm) Weight
04K0145 K-41 1.86 10-20 600 0.2
04K0146 K-42 2.256 20-30 600 0.2
04K0150 K-43 3.696 30-40 600 0.35
02.37K44 K-44 5.49 40-50 600 0.5
02.37K45 K-45 7.32 50-65 600 0.6
02.37K46 K-46 7.32 65-80 900 1.2
02.37K47 K-47 9.15 80-95 900 1.2
02.37K48 K-48 10.613 95-110 900 2.3

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