4:1 strength to weight ratio,high tensile alloy compared with steel
Rapid assembly – dismantles into 3 portable parts on 4 bolts
Ease of transportation – of van or trailer
Flat-packability – A -Frame legs fold-in for more compact transport or storage.
Safety features
Beam section has great torsional stability compared to I sections.
Captive beam trolley is inherently safe.
Trolley friction brake
Ease of handling
Simple height & span adjustment
Castor wheels are 360* swivel locking with anti-scuff polyurethane tread
Carry handles to beams.
Finger grips on custom beam and leg sections.
Anodised alloy surface finish as standard
Suitable for clean environments.
Corrosion resistant–low maintenance.
Manual handling compliance – without mechanical aids

  • Features: Lightweight & Portable


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