Loadfast Ratchet Assemblies

Manufactured from polyester, these products are designed to resist wear and to grip loads efficiently. The straps apply pressure over a broad area and are therefore unlikely to cause damage to either sheet or load. Once tensioned the straps require little or no further adjustment. Polyester webbing is unaffected by weather, oils, grease and most chemicals. It is recommended however, that contact with strong alkalis should be avoided.

The 50mm restraint, commonly used for commercial applications is available as an endless assembly (LF1), or with D-Ring (LF2), Snap Hook (LF3) or Claw Hook (LF4). Each Loadfast Restraint is manufactured to BSEN 12195 Part 2: 2001. The larger widths (50mm & 75mm) are provided with two chafing sleeves to help reduce damage and wear to the webbing. Larger and Non Standard products are available on request.


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