Load Moving Systems

By combining various trolley modules the movement of even heavier loads is possible.
Under normal conditions heavy loads (machines, construction elements, steel fabrications) are transported by means of a stable 3-point system. For the transport of exceptionally large loads or loads with an unusual centre of gravity the modules can easily be adapted to create a 4-point system.
The trolleys are engineered for professional applications and are practically maintenance-free.
All systems are designed for the most exacting safety requirements.
Due to the modular construction the system is extremely easy to operate and provides a multitude of individual combinations.
All trolleys are easy running and guarantee minimum rolling resistance even with the heaviest loads.
Using multi-rollers (instead of single wide rollers) a low rolling resistance is achieved even on the tightest curves.

  • Features: This universal heavy load moving system has been designed and engineered for the safe and economical transport of loads up to 100 tonnes.


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