Aluminium Hollow Plunger Cylinder HAHC H

Holmatro aluminum hollow plunger cylinders (HAHC) - Spring or hydraulic return

Unique specifications:

  • Up to 60% lighter compared to steel cylinders - easy & ergonomic
  • Compact design and a lower build-in
  • Suitable for pulling, lifting, tensioning in all positions
  • Duo power ring; a combination of a superior seal and an extremely strong composite bearing for a longer life span
  • The plunger is coated with a hardened anodized layer, which makes it extremely wear & corrosion resistant

Standard supplied with:

  • High flow female coupler A118
  • Hollow saddle; prevents damage to the plunger
  • Larger cylinders are equipped with foldable handles for easy carrying and positioning

Also available:

  • Hydraulic pump units 700bar to control your system
  • Hydraulic hoses 700bar
  • System components to complete your hydraulic system
  • Material: Aluminium


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