A close up 3D image of a steel wire rope with plastic impregnation

Verope AG is a Joint Venture company between Pierre Verreet, head and founder of verope, and KISWIRE Ltd. from South Korea. The concept of verope is to provide affordable high quality special wire ropes for crane applications to the world market. After 8 successful years, Verope has reached a new step. We are proud to present newly developed products, which have been approved by leading crane manufacturers. Verope is now able to provide even better quality & service, which is confirmed by our certification through LRQA. We at Verope AG are pleased and proud to have satisfied our customers needs worldwide and will continue in our uncompromising mission of high service standards, combined with quality products that you can rely on. Your requirement is our focus.

For a list of products for which Verope is the OEM - 'Original Equipment Manufacturer' of steel wire rope please follow the button for a downloadable PDF.

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