The future of steel wire rope inspections
Knowing when a steel wire rope has reached the end of its life can be a tricky to work out.  There are visual checks you can take as well as NDE.  Common techniques result in downtime for cranes as the steel wire rope must stop working in order to be examined.  Further the less accurate the checks, the more room for error and reason to air on the side of caution.  Resulting in steel wire rope discarded when it may have been found fit for use if a more accurate inspection took place.

Certex now offers devices which attaches to a rope while in use and can monitor the health of the steel wire rope remotely.  This system is ideal for crane rope and elevator rope and can even be included in harsh environments, such as offshore applications.

As the device is internet enabled, monitoring can take place at anytime and anywhere.  This will assist customers in knowing when a rope is no longer fit for use closer to the point of discard.  Further, all devices conform to the stated method of inspection of ISO 4309:2017 (…Wire Ropes, Care and maintenance, inspection and discard) using magneto inductive waves.  Measuring broken wires, diameter reduction and more.


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