An application guide on which Crane Ropes in the Certex range are suitable for you Crane

Telescopic_Mobile_Crane_Ropes_Lorry.gifTelescopic Mobile Crane Ropes 

Mobile_Lattice_Boom_Crane_Ropes.gifMobile Lattice Boom Crane Ropes

Tower_Crane_Ropes.gifTower Crane Ropes

Container_Crane_Ropes.gifContainer Crane Ropes

Dockside_Crane_Ropes.gifDockside Crane Ropes

Unloader_Ropes_all.gifUnloader Ropes

Piling_Ropes.gifPiling Ropes

overhead_gantry_crane_rope.jpgOverhead Gantry Crane Ropes

Steelworks_Ladle_Crane_Ropes.gifSteelworks Ladle Crane Ropes

Offshore_Pedestal_Crane_Ropes.gifOffshore Pedestal Crane Ropes

A__R_Winch_Ropes__Plough_Ropes.gifA & R Winch Ropes & Plough Ropes

Rotary_Tensioner_Lines.gifRiser Tensioner Lines

Rotary_Drilling_Lines.gifRotary Drilling Lines

Anchor_Lines.gifAnchor Lines

Refer to CERTEX Publication CERT2 for Product Safety Instructions and warnings on the use of steel wire rope before selecting or using this product.

Refer to CERTEX Publication CERT2. Cautionary Notice – restrictions when selecting large diameter multi-strand ropes.

4, 6 and 8 strand ropes in Langs Lay must not be selected for use in any application where either rope end is free to rotate. Refer to CERTEX Publication CERT2 for further information