Certex can provide non-destructive examination and testing on your lifting consumable equipment including but not limited to steel wire rope.

Our engineers are internationally experienced and educated and thus provide accurate results and recommendations.
a close up of a steel wire rope entering a bright orange inspection machine

We can detect discontinuities such as:

  • Broken wires
  • Damaged wires
  • Corrosion on a wire
  • Pit on a wire
  • Groove worn into a wire
  • Reduction in steel cross - sectional area
  • Other localised changes in the rope structure.


The typical rope diameters that can be examined are:  24mm to 64mm (although smaller rope can be examined). 

Interpretation of results: 

Gaining the results from NDE of steel wire rope is only part of our service.  Providing a correct interpritation of the result are just as important.  Our understanding comes from industry expertise, having gained significant knowledge and experience from working within the industry globally.  Therefore beaing able to use the information gathered in context of the applicaition for which the rope is being used, enables us to be the right choice for businesses looking to increase their understanding of rope performance and maximising longevity by ensuring ropes are not discarded prematurely and that they are used correctly.

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