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Accessible via the internet customers can produce reports and certificates in real time from any location, eliminating paperwork systems and potential errors.

What is CertMax?

Lifting equipment has to be carefully managed so that it is always fit for service.  Generally speaking lifting gear requires inspection at different times and can be across multiple sites.  If certificates and reports are kept in printed format they quickly become a formidable task, especially if a products history needs to be analysed. LOLER regulations places responsibility on the management of lifting equipment by the company which uses them.  

CertMax is a revolutionary software system for the complete management of lifting gear certification. Accessible via the internet, with wireless tagging of products on-site, customers can produce reports and certificates in real time.  The system takes the hassle out of managing inspection & certification of products.  It reduces costs, and ensures that safety is maintained.

Certex software screen shot   A screen shot of the software display example

The Future

CertMax has already proved itself to be invaluable in the Oil & Gas offshore market.  With the expertise of Certex we are confident that the future is with CertMax, available 24/7 online with wireless tagging of products on site.

Save time & money

  • CertMax is an efficient certification management system which provides tangible cost savings
  • Information is stored in a relational database, allowing flexible reporting options from a single data entry procedure
  • Product history analysis is made easy leading to better procurement decision making.
  • Inspection schedules for countless items at various locations can be efficiently planned.
  • User-friendly software which is accessible via the internet.
  • With improved data management the frequency of inspection schedules for certain items can be reduced and justified.

Access via Internet

  • Information is held on a central database which is fully secure.
  • Real-time data is continually displayed.
  • Logon is simple with user ID and a password. 


Simple to use

  • CertMax has been developed in a windows environment with familiar user friendly functions;
  • Online help ensures that users rapidly become familiar with the software package.
  • Information is presented in summary format allowing users to locate the detail required with a few key-strokes.
  • Reports can be easily created and downloaded.


Improve your safety

  • Better management of information leads to a safer working environment;
  • Paperwork systems are prone to human errors and slows response times.
  • CertMax has an electronic messaging service so that product information flashes can be posted instantly.
  • Up to date inspection procedures can be viewed on-line.
  • Products which are currently defective are clearly colour coded so that they are not put into service by accident.
  • An early warning system highlights in advance products are due to be inspected.


Comply with legislation

  • CertMax is designed to be totally compatible with current legislation, particularly LOLER
  • SI 2307 certificates are stored electronically with hard copies available at the touch of a button.
  • The full inspection history of all equipment is clearly visible so that audits can be completed simply & successfully.
  • CertMax is relevant for fixed and portable lifting equipment.
  • Risk assessments & defect reports can be produced.


Eliminate paperwork

  • CertMax totally removes the need for paperwork systems;
  • Stationary costs & storage space are removed.
  • Data can be entered directly onto a laptop, tablet or mobile by inspectors, then downloaded onto the system.
  • The system is accessible from any location

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