Here you'll find links to downloadable PDF's of our Product Catalogue, to make it easier to download and search different ranges we’ve also split up the catalogue in to separate chapters.

An Introduction to Certex UK Services

Steel Wire Rope & Fittings (Sockets, Terminals, Ferrules, Steel Wire Rope Clamps, rigging screws and turnbuckles, snatch blocks, wire rope cutters and lubricants)

Chains & Accessories (Master Links, Single to Four Legged Slings – and custom, Chain Components, Lashings Equipment, Chain Systems & Chain Hooks, Shackles)

Lifting Points & Lifting Swivels (Eye bolts and eye nuts)

Textile Lifting Slings (Fibre Slings, Polyester Slings, Webbing Slings Dyneema Slings, Round Slings and Sling Protection)

Lashings & Load Security (Corner Protectors for travelling loads, Double Decking System, Cargo Bars, Recovery lashing, Car Transporter lashings, Webbing Lashings

Lifting Equipment (Lifting Clamps, Crane Forks, Drum Grabs, Rail Grabs, Hooks, Jacks, Load Testing, monitoring and measurement, Transport Rollers, Pallet Trucks, Starcon Concrete System

Hoists & Winches (Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, Tirfor, Tirak, Chain Hoists)

Cranes (Light weight Crane Systems, Column Mounted Cranes, Wall Mounted Cranes, Portable Gantry Cranes, Vacuum Lifting, Lifting Beams, Cages, Fork Lift Truck Accessories, Grabs, Stillages, Lifting Magnets)

Stainless Products ( Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Stainless Swaging, Fittings, Stainless  Rigging Screws, Stainless Swing Bolts and Stainless  Eye Bolts, Stainless  Lifting Blocks, Stainless  Lifting Chain, Stainless Lifting Eyes, Stainless Shackles

Fall Protection & Evacuation (Harnesses, Lanyards, Fall Arrest Blocks, Carabiners & Hooks, Rescue Equipment, Anchor Points, Tripods and Winches, Permanent Fall Protection Systems

Marine & Offshore Fibre Rope, Wire Rope, Swaging Systems, Compression Fittings, Turnbuckles and Rigging Screws, Toggels, Guard Rail Fittings, Offshore Shackles, Offshore Personnel Lifting Basket

Technical SectionSafe Use & Purpose Guides, Operating Instructions,