- For Flemish eye wire rope splicing.
- Designed for low temperature toughness.
- Resists cracking when swaged (equals or exceeds stainless steel sleeves).
- Special processed low carbon steel.
- “COLD TUFF”® for better swageability.
- Can be stamped for identification after swaging without concern for fractures when following these directions.
- Use round corner stamps to a maximum depth of 0.015 in. (1/64). The area for stamping should be on the side of the sleeve in the plane of the sling eye, and no less than 0.250 in. (1/4) from either end of the sleeve.
- Standard Steel Sleeve terminations have efficiency ratings as follows based on the catalog strength of wire rope.

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Part Code S-505 Termination efficiency size inch S-505 Termination efficiency type of wire rope IWRC S-505 Termination efficiency type of wire rope FC
-- 1/4 - 1 96% 93%
-- 1-1/8 - 2 92% 89%
-- 2-1/4 and a larger 90% 87%