Fibre Rope Slings

A comprehensive range of synthetic and natural fibre rope slings comprising of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, manilla and sisal. The Certex three strand rope sling can be supplied in four basic configurations
Single leg with eye spliced each end
Endless sling with short splice
Two legged sling - two single slings joined together in a common ring
Four legged sling - four single slings joined to 2 intermediate rings which are themselves joined to a master ring
Additional fittings can also be supplied such as hooks, shackles and rings. The use of thimbles in eyes is strongly recommended.

Each sling is supplied fully labelled with the safe working load, date of manufacture, material, diameter and unique reference number. Careful attention is paid to the selection of materials used in the construction of the sling.

Users are strongly recommended to read our instructions on the selection, care, use and maintenance of slings.

Typical applications of three strand rope slings include cargo handling on docks, cargo vessels and ferries, engineering shops, factories, forestry and civil engineering. Only ropes complying with European standards of quality are used.

Nylon BS EN 696
Polyester BS EN 697
Polypropylene BS EN 699
Manilla & Sisal BS EN 698: 1995


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