Besides the space-saving design and particularly long service life, it also offers a higher lifting speed for faster handling rates – comprehensive standard features at an attractive price.
Higher lifting speeds for greater handling capacity
Most sub-assemblies of the Demag DR rope hoist are rated for a lifting speed of at least 6 m/min with 4/1 reeving as standard. A frequency inverter provides infinitely variable cross travel speeds up to 30 m/min for low-sway travel motions, fast and exact positioning and gentle handling of sensitive loads.
This also results in a significant reduction of the mechanical load on the crane installation/

Greater efficiency thanks to higher availability

The crab is supplied with FEM classification 2m+.
The rope reeving components are classified in 2m, the gearbox service life is rated at 1900 hours at full load instead of the 1600 hours at full load specified for the 2m classification.
This means that there is 20 per cent more time until the general overhaul is due when the safe working period has elapsed.
The generous dimensioning of all components also ensures constant availability.
The modular design of the rope hoist facilitates simple and rapid maintenance and repair of individual components, thus cutting any downtime to a minimum.
Compact design for optimum utilization of space
The Demag DR rope hoist design provides outstanding approach dimensions for better utilization of the space served by the crane. This means that either a larger area can be served or new buildings can be designed smaller.

Single-girder overhead travelling cranes with the new Demag DR rope hoist optimised for crane applications

Single-girder overhead travelling cranes provide you with Demag technology at a particularly attractive price.
They feature maximum rigidity for a minimum deadweight. This keeps the load on the crane runway low, and a cost-effective design can be selected for the building.
They also offer the benefits of outstanding crane geometry, resulting in exceptional travel characteristics.
The new Demag DR rope hoist is of optimum design for crane applications. Therefore, the entire crane meets your demands for greater efficiency.

Your benefits with the new Demag DR rope hoist optimised for crane applications

Increased efficiency thanks to extended 2m+ service life (1900-hour full load service life)
Improved load handling thanks to increased lifting and cross-travel speeds
Low-sway load motions thanks to infinitely variable cross travel speeds
Monitoring for improved installation transparency
Improved utilisation of your production area thanks to minimum approach dimensions

  • Features: Optimised for crane applications, the new Demag DR rope hoist meets all the requirements for state-of-the-art hoists for tomorrow's needs.
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