Tremendous lifting capacity thanks to High- Energy Neodymium magnets Increased airgap capability
Suitable for flat and round material
Easy ON/OFF switching
Extremely compact, low dead weight
Robust, low maintenance
Smart design
In the workshop to load, unload machine tools
At construction sites to lift plates and structurals
In the warehouse to handle plate and bar stock
Safety Factor:


  • Features: State of the art two-pole design
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Nominal* lift capacity Tested** Model
flat material [kg] break away force [daN]
125 400 NEO 125
250 800 NEO 250
500 1,600 NEO 500
1,000 3,200 NEO 1000
2,000 6,000 NEO 2000
* Nominal lift capacity includes a safety factor of at least 3 Capacity varies with workpiece material, thickness and surface quality
** Tested on a ground, 50mm thick, mild steel plate