Speed Skylotec

SPEED, the new patented runner for height access systems from SKYLOTEC, is ahead of its time.
With our new runner SPEED. The principle behind SPEED is simple: The security bolt sits hidden in the housing and is protected there from unwanted access. Through an additional locking lever, SPEED works during climbing like a pull-back runner.
The runner remains close to the climber and so the fall distance remains short.
This creates comfort while climbing and minimizes fall-related injuries.

In the case of failure of the pull-back feature, whether through mistake or unfavourable conditions, the runner can reach only a fixed preset maximum speed.
Should the runner exceed this speed, an independently acting second safety feature kicks in: A centrifugal force brake swivels out and the runner blocks.

  • Material: Aluminium, Steel
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 353-1


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