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This kit is designed for roof top maintenance work and snow removal.

It includes an anchoring loop P0008 for the user to be able to create an anchor point on a roof where there is no built-in attaching point.

The carabiner H-037 is intended to connect the anchoring loop to the rope end of the guided fall arrester P0543.

The moveable part of the guided fall arrester P0543 allows the user to move safely along the rope length.

Harness P0902 is connected to the moveable part of the guided fall arrester by attaching both chest A-points.

Delivered with a bag for storage.

1 x Harness P0902
1 x Carabiner SC, H-037
1 x Guided Fall Arrester 10 m, P0543
1 X Anchoring Loop 2,0 m P0008
1 x Bag PS0009M

      • Chest anchoring Chest D-ring
      • Rear / dorsal D-ring Rear doorsal D-ring
      Faldsele CS 2 for
      Loop 26kN
      Rope bag
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