The Evacuator product displayed without it's outer casing placed on some steel wire rope reels

Disasters are the worst thing that can happen to us. We are usually not able to prevent them, but we owe it to ourselves to learn from these experiences and try to make the world a safer place. 

Each cable of the EVACUATOR™ allows four people to descend at the same time from a height of up to 300 meters (that's 16 people from one unit). Simply place on the safety harness and latch on to the central connecting hook. Next, sit in the window with up to three other people, and the EVACUATOR™ will lower you in a controlled fashion. The EVACUATOR™ is fully mechanised and is not dependent on electrical power or any other utility. It is therefore guaranteed to work.

Key Features
- Immediately ready to use in case of emergency
- Intended for people and organisations responsible for safety at heights
- The EVACUATOR™ is located inside the building and provides a means of escape via the outside.
- No electricity required: the EVACUATOR™ is automated and independent, and therefore guaranteed to work at all times.
- The descent is fully controlled at a speed of one metre per second.
- Each reel enables four persons to descend to safety. The maximum load per reel is 254kg
- Compact to be fitted in harmony with your working environment
- Currently engineered for buildings of up to 300 metres in height
- Several installation options
- Developed, engineered and manufactured by professional organizations in the Netherlands.
- Approved by the German inspection institute DEKRA and EN341 certified for 33 European countries
- Installation, training and annual inspection by an independent service provider, certified by Evacuator Worldwide.
- Five-year warranty