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Certex UK Commences New Mental Health Course brought in by employee’s personal lived experience

As of February 2020 Certex UK Offers A Mental Health First Aid course providing improved engagement and productivity of employees through improved relationships, clearer thinking and more.

This course has come to fruition, through one of our trainer’s own challenges with mental health in his previous job within lifting with the pressures of operations management as a supervisor in major contracts. 

Simon Pantry who is one of Certex UK’s Lifting Equipment Trainers, teaching safe lifting techniques after spending approximately 20 years in the lifting industry.  He was approached by an MHFA Instructor who suggested given his experience, skills and personality Simon would make a good candidate to be an instructor of the mental health first aid training course in which he teaches people how to deal with and support others with mental health issues or who may be in crisis.

“I realised that my life’s coping strategies were not particular healthy.  I went through a period of anxiety and depression from being away from home and stressed from work.

“Eventually I had a breakdown and subsequent counselling.  It was then that I realised that for most of my life I suffered from anxiety and didn’t acknowledge what it was.

“I’m a sociable and confident person, so when I mention to people that I’ve had these challenges, it takes them by surprise.      

“Then coming up to 2 years ago a good friend of mine took his life, and that motivated me to get involved with expanding people’s consciousness around mental health issues.

“You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives, my friend was the funniest, happiest chap you would meet, and you wouldn’t think for a moment that he was suffering from depression.” Said Simon Pantry – Mental Health Instructor

 “Not only is it cathartic, good for the soul, it’s true that no one truly knows what another person is going through, it’s the Swan metaphor, gliding gracefully on the surface, and manic paddling beneath the water which we do not see.  If we can raise awareness that people are going through their own difficulties, then it helps people in supervisory roles, or management recognise that in work we should be human.  That’s my ethos spread love and humanity.” Said Simon Pantry – Mental Health Instructor

Simon took his first two co-delivered courses in January 2020 under supervision and is now accredited as a MHFA England Instructor.

Simon is now available to train throughout the UK instructing how to spot, assist and have the knowledge to guide someone to further support with mental health issues.

Courses cost £300 for the 2-day session and more info can be found here: Mental Health First Aiders Training Course

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