Ports, Warehousing & Logistics inc. shipping, rail & road.

Richard Spafford

Mobile: 07718625475
Email: richard.spafford@certex.co.uk 


David Blakey

Mobile: 07718625452
Email: david.blakey@certex.co.uk 

 Cranes, Steel, Forestry & all Markets (Region Wales):

Catherine Stacey

Mobile: 07718625476
Email: catherine.stacey@certex.co.uk


 Oil & Gas & all Markets (Region: Scotland):

Claire Davies 

Email: claire.davies@certex.co.uk

 Oil & Gas

Ian Freeman 

Land line :01493845388
Email: ian.freeman@certex.co.uk


Terry Hoenes 

Mobile: 07483017286
Email: terry.hoenes@certex.co.uk

 Cargo Control 

Paul Gladdish

Mobile: 07766087863

 Motorsport Equipment

James Ledamun
Mobile: 07717510006

Email: james.ledamun@certex.co.uk



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