We're at the TMC / Crowland Cranes exhibition today:  Enter PE6 0BN into your navigation system to find us.

The full address is:

Crease Drove


For more info please contact our Marketing Manager on 01302756054.




We're proud to announce our Parent Company Axel Johnson International - Lifting Solutions Group will be the Platinum sponsor of LiftEx 2018. As Certex (UK) we serve as the lifting solutions company for the United Kingdom and surrounding areas. Watch the video below to see the highlights of the 2017 show.

For more information please check our European website http://www.axinter.com/what-we-do/lifting-solutions/ to see our European presence as a whole or go direct to each country website for more information on exhibitions. 

Belgium: www.mennensbelgium.be 

Denmark: www.certex.dk

Estonia: www.certex.ee

Finland: www.certex.fi

Germany: www.certex.de

Latvia: www.certex.lv

Lithuania: www.certex.lt

Netherlands: www.mennens.nl

Norway: www.certex.no

Russia: www.certex.ru

Sweden: www.certex.se/se/om-oss/massa




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